Bay Bush Action
NZ Registered Charity
Bay Bush Action Trust
PO Box 533, Paihia 0247
Protect us...


Welcome to Bay Bush Action! With your help we're making a real difference to protecting the amazing biodiversity of the Opua State Forest, the shoreline and the Islands out from Paihia.

Our long term goal is to protect over a quarter of this forest and to see flocks of kaka and kukupa return to the back yards of Paihia, along with a steady increase in kiwi. With support we hope to also see the return of kakariki, NI Robin and bellbirds too.

Help us by donating using the "Donate" buttons below, or read more about the problem we face.

Our Back Yard

We protect over 260 hectares on both public and private land. We aim to expand this every year until we reach our goal. With your help we have already seen real progress in restoring the balance to the bush.

Look who we're helping now!

Give this little lad a helping hand

It's all it takes for this little guy to one day be a dad.

With your help this little fella can be protected from stoats for just a one-time $50 donation. It’s not just a lifeline, but a lifetime of protection.


Help kukupa and forest canopy

Our regal friends need all the help they can get.

Such a wonderful sight to see eating the fruit of the pururi, karaka and taraire around town. You can protect canopy trees from possums and give kukupa a better chance of raising their young.


Save chicks, geckos, weta and forest fruit and seeds

Protected areas means more food for wood pigeon and chicks and eggs are more likely to make it through their vulnerable time.

Our forests rely on good populations of birds to disperse seeds and fruit. Rats consume a lot of food that should be for our native birds. Protecting your birds' food sources means the'll nest in our back yards more often.



You and the Bay Bush Action team can help save our fantastic and stunning wildlife. Any donation will help achieve that goal.

It all goes to protection for our wildlife, not administration. Remember we are all about action!