Haumāuiui, Results

We count the number and type of pests caught and also monitor for density of possums and rats.

We take regular photos at points within the pest control area and also perform bird counts to assess the overall forest health.

Log Trap Catch...

1. Select the date the trap(s) were checked.
2. Enter the trap ID(s) next to the pest caught.
Trap Tag
Note: If there is more than one trap please seperate with a comma. (e.g 10089,10090). If your trap caught two pests at the same time (it does happen) enter the number twice (e.g 10089,10089).
Rat T
Possum T
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Stoat T
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Canopy Monitoring

We take yearly photos at points around the pest control area to show recovery.

The below picture is of Kohekohe from near death to recovery. It's a favourite of possums.

Even the common tōtara is attacked by possums.

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